Vision Evaluation / Glasses Exam
(Includes eye health and visual acuity evaluation)

Eye infections, Corneal abrasions, Foreign Body Removal
(Red eye exams / Office visits)

Contact Lens Evaluation and Glasses Exam
(Includes a glasses prescription, contacts fitting, and a trial pair of contacts)
Bifocal Contact Lens Exam
(contacts to see distance and near vision without reading glasses)
Hard Contact Lens (RGP) Fitting and Evaluation

We provide care for office visits like eye infections, foreign body removals, and dry eye treatments. We can also design colored lenses to cover scarred or injured corneas for cosmetic purposes.

Vision plans will cover routine eye exams and medical plans may cover office visits when eye disease or injury is present such as eye infections or corneal abrasions. We will do our best to confirm your health insurance coverage.  Please call to verify insurance. Thanks.